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She’s a home grown Gal

This morning my husband brought me a hot drink in bed.
As a brand spanking new Mum its kinda the early A.M upside of having been awake with our gorgeous son for many hours throughout the night.
Freshly brewed coffee?
No, my drink of choice is always hot water with lemon.
Todays to note, was a serious heart melter – Why? He grew the lemons for me and this was the very first one he could pick.
Straight from the garden. Freshly squeezed.
Yes ladies, he’s a keeper.

Now to introduce the lemon back into the conversation… There are three major F players in my life – Family, of course – and when we jump to everyday life, whilst fashion takes the career main stage the back up dancer is definitely food.
I love it. Going out for it. The hunting and gathering of it.
Spending hours prepping and cooking it.
Consuming it.
I daydream about becoming a smoothie Queen. A tiki bar in Bali where we wear tropical floral outfits and brightly hued lipsticks and serve everything with blended fruit and flamingo straws.
I pose my baby next to fresh oven baked muesli in cute flatlays on the kitchen bench and often ask to photograph friends’ meals at breakfast. (Sorry guys!)
I am definitely not a food stylist or a die-hard food blogger to boot, but I am one of those people who love to take photos of food and a share a good meal.
I love the colours, the textures and the anticipation of looking at a simple, but thoughtfully prepared dish.

Like fashion, there is probably a little history to my obsession with fresh produce … I grew up on a fruit farm. At age 14 it was definitely against my will but now at age 36 I would love the chance to go back armed with my biggest market haul bags to fill. We used to get off the bus from school and walk the km or so home from the bus stop. Starving, of course, but dare I say home amongst the fruit trees (don’t sing!) sampling daily whatever we could on the way up.
Mangos and mandarins were the biggest crops on the whole 2 & a half acres (I use the word farm lightly obviously!). Blackberries and citrus could be found in the hills gullies. There were pumpkins growing down the side, herbs and paw paws up top and everything was always picked fresh with huge fruit platters served at pretty much at every meal, morning or night.
We may have even spent a night in a newly erected chicken coop. Yes.

One of my strongest foodie memories from travelling was in London with big, big expectations and being underwhelmed due to the lack of fresh produce available to buy. (It was autumn at the time!) I dragged a friend around the streets in hope we would find a café that would serve us a fresh salad that wasn’t drenched in mayo (she made me try and find pineapple on pizza in Italy so it was a fair trade off!) but we were constantly disappointed. It wasn’t until we discovered Borough Street markets (and found Jamie O shopping up a storm!) that I thought I might be able to settle in.
It’s also probably why I love Asia so much. That abundance of tropical fruity goodness all year round just lands me in smack down in foodie heaven. That hop skip and a jump to have your whole coconut with your breakfast dragon fruit too. And so damn good for instagramming, of course!

In Brisbane it’s so much easier to eat well and buy purposely. We have a ridiculous choice of fresh produce growers to buy from. My husband and I have been doing our Saturday morning ‘grocery’ market shop for 8 years now and it’s the only way you will get me bouncing out of bed prior to 6am on a weekend morning (unless its for a plane trip … but that’s a whole other story!) West End, Rocklea, Milton, Jan Powers abundance and so many more.

Not only do you get the opportunity to support local but it actually gives you the chance to slow down and enjoy where your food comes from … You can take the time to shop, look over the options on offer, see what is seasonal and best of all, chat to the people manning the stores. Find out if they are re-sellers or do they grow it themselves. Recipe tips or simply a feel good factor.
Trust me the tomatoes on your cheese crackers will take on a whole new flavor when you know the guys that grows them has the best smile in Brisbane. And this is kind of where our fashion comes back in.

When we speak about consuming we refer to not only our foodie fare but all that we source. It was important to me with our re-launch that our blog & our brand, could refer to other passions in our life. Sourcing organically as possible. Cutting out miles that weren’t needed to be travelled. Keeping it local. Then we wanted to share our inspirations. From favourite eats to the creatives that inspire us. Wanderlust dreams and places we go. It was a big turn around from being a stand alone fashion store and for us it makes total sense to get back to the very bare roots of selling – simply our favourite pieces and from a flexible market space.
I hope along the way you will see why we are doing it.

I have and always will, love the concept of meet the makers.
The people behind the brand. It was always my favourite part of fashion weeks and fashion buying. I have also wanted to know where things I consume originate. My uncle had a cotton farm. I have travelled far and visited many manufacturing outlets. So who am I supporting?
I love being outdoors. Not stuck in a routine. My favourite places are relaxed, natural environments.
And this is why it makes sense that you can shop Beau from your lounge room or poolside with cocktails. Or you can come visit us at our 3m by 3m pop ups.
I will have the opportunity to show you how to wear the clothes in real life. I will probably have sunglasses on, maybe even my son on my hip. Perhaps even be super stoked about the new season apples from my neighbor.
A bad hair day isn’t the end of the world and we can breakfast together if we choose.
Our cottons are our lifestyle basics & our silks are like a fab dinner party you plan in advance.

Beau in The Woods has always referred to the adventure that is our lives. It has evolved over time and no doubt will continue to do so.
We hope you enjoy this part of the journey as much as we are.
We have stripped things back to give you the best part served up as you choose.

Support local, buy local and feel good doing it.


  • Nanette/ 24.08.2016Reply

    Well said, K

    • Beau in the Woods/ 05.09.2016Reply

      Thankyou … from the heart xx

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