Local Talent … Behind the scenes with Liz Golding

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Local Talent … Behind the scenes with Liz Golding

The Talent:

Liz Golding, 50

Director of Illuminate Management – The only photographers and creatives agency in QLD. Fashion Editor U on Sunday Magazine (800 000 readers + a week)

What do you do?
I manage the creatives and photographers and build the agency. I am head booker.
My eldest daughter Ella works with me and predominantly does the marketing and runs the website, which constantly needs updating with new fabulous work!

Why do you love your job?
It is a culmination of everything I have done in my life and all the experiences I have had before, helping me run this company. It is great to be the first business of it’s kind in QLD and we are growing fast. It is a lot of work but fun.

Steps you took to develop yourself?
Considering I have been in the work force for over 30years, there are masses of steps along the many years. I have been a model (9years), a fashion stylist (28years), a hair and makeup artist (25 years) and obviously I am a multi-tasker because I do lots of things all at once.

Who inspires you and who would you love to work with?
At this stage of my career I am trying to get the Illuminate creative teams working with wonderful people in our industry, I don’t think about myself in this respect any more. I have had years of working with incredible people and it is their turn now.
I am inspired by of these people, many of whom I knew when they were very young and starting out. Creative people like Benni Tognini, Rae Morris, Sarah Laidlaw, Brad Ngata, Easton Pearson, Aurelio Costarella, Carla Zampatti, Pina Fiorenza, Paul Hunt, Suzi Vaughan, The Sass & Bide girls, Zimmermann. There are hundreds more, I love watching what they are up to and how clever and resilient they are.

Favourite work/life moment so far?
I don’t have a favourite. I really don’t. There are many exceptional moments with my work life, like doing 10 years as Styling Director of MBFF, being asked to be Fashion Editor at Q Weekend and then U on Sunday magazine, styling some crazy shoots, doing some very memorable hair and makeup. Collaborating with some really amazing people. Now starting Illuminate Management has been pretty fantastic as well.
So many jobs, so much work!

In my personal life there are of course, my daughters, Ella 21 and Evie 17. Ella works with me and we enjoy that and get along really well. Evie is doing a hair apprenticeship at Tognini’s and loving it. I have divorced in the last 4 years and my new partner Andy is wonderful, I am happy and loving my life. We have been renovating a big house for 2 years and this has been very satisfying, stage 2 is about to start, can’t wait.

Advice for those wanting to follow in your footsteps?
Treat everyone well, you will come across them again. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Work hard and don’t think you are too good for anyone, small jobs often turn into big jobs. What is one persons perfume is another’s poison. I didn’t study to do any of the jobs I have done in the fashion industry, I watched and learnt and practiced and had a go, work experience is the best in my opinion.

What you have learnt aka …Your message to the world:
Take a sense of ownership into your industry and think constantly of what you can do to make it stronger and better. Don’t think of what you can get out of it. Add positively to your world and it should take care of you. I have learnt in work and life to be kind and generous of spirit – if this is impossible, walk away as fast as you can.

Friday eve is best spent … heading out to dinner with loved ones.
Favourite place for a cocktail is … Byblos at Portside.
On Sundays I like to … have friends over and cook up a meal for everyone and have some drinks.
Monday morning mantra … (I don’ t need one, I love going to work)

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