in-(ter)-view TRAVEL NEW YORK

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in-(ter)-view TRAVEL NEW YORK

Name: Kristel Mae Warton
Age: 32

Destination: NEW YORK

Why did you choose it?
Full fill a dream with one of my besties and celebrate us turning 30.

Season of choice: Autumn

What to pack:
Pack lightly, layers and stick to a colour palate so everything works back together. Fun and floaty dresses are perfect. Throw a jacket, bright lipstick and earrings in your handbag and as the sunsets over the city that never sleeps you can transform your look from day to night. A comfortable pair of metallic sandals because lets face it New York is a jungle and you will be walking a lot!

Who did you fly with? Qantas

Best moment of the trip:
Fav moment…do I only get one!? Ok sipping a Manhattan on a Manhattan rooftop at sunset πŸ™‚

What did you learn?
New Yorker’s are passionate, kind, loud, proud and tired (they must be!!)
I expected it to be big and beautiful and rich and diverse and it truly was. I just loved being there. It was my first trip OS since having my children and wow what a difference it was to travel as a mother. I was so happy to let the days unfold organically, letting the smells and sites lead the way. Relishing in everything NY has to offer and more. Leaving the big apple I felt brand new with big eyes and an open heart. Pastrami and pickles will always be my NY trigger…. I really cannot wait to go back!

Did you miss anything from your normal routine?
Yeh, no. Someone told me to live in the moment because I would be home soon and feel like it was a dream (true story)

Anything go wrong (that seems funny – or still not!) now?
I do have one funny story… but you may be eating breakfast whilst reading this…so I will just leave some clues. Lost in central park and looking for a toilet…was not the Alice in Wonderland moment I was looking for but awfully funny now!

Best place to :

Drink? Anywhere with a view.
Breakfast? Bagels and coffee eaten in one of NY’s green spaces.
Lunch? Freshly caught lobster at the Chelsea market.
Dinner? Balthazar in Soho for mouth-watering steak washed down with French champagne. Pure Thai in Hell’s kitchen for authentic, taste bud party Thai washed down with an Aussie chardonnay. BBQ Dinosaur in Harlem for smokey ribs and slaw washed down with cider on ice with fresh lime. 3 very different dining experiences that blew my mind!
Tourist snapshot? Top of the Rockefeller hands down
Stay? Recommend 1 week at least. Split your time between LES and up town that way you get to experience the whole city in her glory.

What would you send a postcard home about?
Food! Ha-ha. It would be a postcard of Katz Deli….

Story you want to share?
I saw the President.

Best shopping purchase?
Vintage leather patchwork heels πŸ™‚

Favourite meal?
Too many to choose from… the food was insane!

Travel Tips:

Window or aisle seat? Always the window.
Solo, plus one or more? Plus 1…. NY is very populated.
What did you take and not use? A bikini
What can’t you travel without? A nice hat (for bad hair days)

Now that you have been there, what pops into your head when you hear the destination mentioned?
One of the best weeks of my life! Brownstones, the flower district, turtles in central park, 5th Ave, Brooklyn bridge, SATC, Hudson river, high line….I could literally go on and on. NY holds a piece of my heart.
(one to five stars. One being meh, 3 being glad I went, 5 being you-betcha-gonna-hear-more-about-it)

Travel Rating:Β 5
Gal pal tripping for sure! Romance factor could work depending on your man. Personally I’m drawn to sexier destinations. Maldives anyone!?


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