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With a brand DNA inspired by the adventures of life, it seemed fitting that when life headed in a different direction behind the scenes – enter a 2 year sabbatical and a baby – that front of house adjusted too.


Beau in the Woods was established by Kylie Dadson in 2011 as a travel hopping wanderlust journey of colour and print.
Fast forward four years and today the Beau brand has grown up.
Basics, especially monochrome hues, now take the front seat providing the perfect backdrop for a colourful life.
Beauty is in the simplicity of the finishes with raw cuts & styles built for busy lifestyles to take time out.
Create-to-order silks are made for you when your wardrobe needs them most
(and just the way you want them.)


We still love cocktails.
Some things never change.


Beau maintains a commitment to its production ethos:


Made in Brisbane, actually


Quality fabrications and construction.
Our organic cotton is grown in India, woven in Australia & machine or hand washable. Our silks are durable for multiple wears and finished beautifully inside and out.


A commitment to sustainable and ethical manufacturing.
Supporting local industry by manufacturing 30 minutes from where we design. This minimizes transportation and results in nil packaging.


Being a sustainable business is about ticking boxes not only in our own product expectations but also those of our customers, our suppliers and of course, what is good for the environment. Our cotton suppliers are accredited with the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) labelling and GOTS certified labelling and accreditation procedures. Our machinists have children that go to school with your children. Fair work and wages is paramount.

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